The glitzy, silver metallic wall finishes shown here using stencils are so stunning in person. I knew as soon as I saw the samples on-line that I had to take this class at  the International Decorative Artisan’s League annual convention in Forth Worth, Texas.  I signed up for a class with Cynthia Davis owner of Wallovers, Inc., an online stencil company that has over 55 allover designs.  The name of the class, Sexy Silver, was appropriate. Wallovers’ allover stencils are designed to be repeated to create a complete “wallpaper-like” finish.  These finishes can be customized to the client’s decor which makes them even more appealing.  I have to say that this was one of my favorite workshops.  I love the look of allover stencils and working with new products like the matte metallic paint that was used in all of the finishes show below. Allover stencils have an advantage over wallpaper in that there are no seams and the color choices are endless. Many of the new stencil designs are based on what’s trending in current designer wallpaper.


The background on this sample is a silver metallic foil.  It was then stenciled with paint. This sample was done with metallic foil and paint. Great for a powder room or any space where some glitz and glamor would make a statement.


An embossed plaster allover stencil and several metallic paints complete this design.


Weave effect background done using matte metallic plaster and metallic paints giving it a “fabric” look.  Drop shadow effect created with metallic paint and an elegant allover damask stencil.  Glitter glaze highlights complete the design.


Metallic paint, metallic plaster, Venetian plaster and paint along with an Allover stencil was used to create this sample.  Drop shadow effect created using black paint and silver metallic paint.


Background done over a solid base paint.  The horizontal weave gives it a “fabric” look.  A modern allover stencil completes the design.


An elegant allover stencil wall finish achieved with Venetian plaster and several metallic paints for the background.