This night stand clearly needed an update so I decided to upcycle it instead of buying a new one.  I liked the lines of the piece and decided to paint it a light turquoise blue. Having  just purchased two quarts of Annie Sloan Chalk paint, I was eager to try it out.   I had recently take a workshop and wanted to see if the paint was as easy to work with as I learned.  I mixed 1 part Old White to 2 parts Duck Egg Blue.  Although the nightstand didn’t really need to be sanded, I de-greased it with Simple Green.  I then painted on first one coat and then the second coat.  Both went on so smoothly, and two coats of Annie Sloan clear wax gave it a nice finish.  The stencil, done in full strength Duck Egg Blue, is from Royal Design Studio.  Highlights of gold paint added a little glitz and the new drop handle in antique bronze completes the piece.  As you can see, updating a warn, drab piece of furniture can save you money!