A back splash is the most overlooked decorative element in a kitchen. Many homeowners have their entire kitchens replaced with beautiful, new cabinets, countertops and floors but leave the back splash unfinished either because they cannot decide how to finish the area or because they feel they do not have the money to finish the area with more than a simple coat of paint.  Since a pretty back splash is not essential for a functioning kitchen, it may remain untouched for years. But it does not need to be that way! Adding a faux finished back splash can make a big impact. It will add both color and texture to your kitchen. Try using plaster to imitate tile like the homeowners in this featured kitchen back splash did.  Weathered stone or tumbled marble looks can be at a fraction of the cost of these materials.  Other faux finishes you can try will imitate materials such as linen,  travertine or strie. You can create a wallpaper effect using stencils to give you a modern or classic look. There is even a stencil that looks like wainscoting!  The possibilities are endless and can add a finishing touch to your kitchen that is unique and expresses your style.  Make the back splash the focal point of your kitchen today!

Here, the homeowners wanted a neutral colored back splash that would coordinate with their granite counter top.  They chose this faux tile pattern because it matched perfectly!  Two coats of satin varnish protect the plaster “tile” and “grout” for easy clean-up.  Oh, and it looks great, too!