More about one of my favorite looks for walls…stripes!!  “Very few patterns are as diverse as the stripe. Thick, thin, vertical, horizontal…stripes can assume many different incarnations.  Striped walls can be sophisticated, whimsical, juvenile or adult. They can be subtle or bold. They can be merely a backdrop or they can be “the” statement in a room.” Why do a striped wallpaper when you can get a custom look with paint to match your decor? The children’s room is by Jute Interior Designs, the bedroom is from Ragan Corliss, and the family room by interior designer Cristi Holcombe.
The striped walls in this children’s nursery room are bold and colorful.  They colors play off each other perfectly.
Subtle, pastel stripes give this family room a warm, inviting look.

I love how the horizontal large stripe in this bedroom is offset by a border of thinner painted stripes.  The colors work well together.

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