Creating your Desired Ambiance
with Imagination, Artistry & Inspiration

At Classic Fauxs and Finishes we use specialized painting and finishing techniques to replicate the appearance of materials such as marble, wood or stone. We offer a variety of decorative and specialized finishes to transform your space from ordinary to spectacular.
Whether you seek chic, urban style or traditional and classic lines, Donna Flecchia’s artistry and expertise will help you to achieve the effects you desire. Donna’s creative expression transforms the ordinary home or business into a unique and inspiring space with color, texture, and finishes.

From Start to Finish

Classic Fauxs and Finishes process and attention to detail
results in a variety of finishes to transform and beautify your interior spaces.

decorative painting Burlington MA

meet, listen & inspire

During your free consultation we listen to your goals and get a better sense of the space. This important step helps us to generate cool ideas and accurately quote your project. We discuss design options, techniques and color, and the effects and ambiance you are seeking. My samples, books, and portfolio images will inspire new ideas.

decorative painting Burlington MA

plan, consult & show

With a vision for your project in mind, we show you sample boards to give you a better feel for specific techniques and various color options. A proposal estimate is provided prior to beginning a project, and includes design time, labor, and painting supplies so that you understand the complete scope and cost for your project.

decorative painting Burlington MA

create, apply & finish

And now the magic happens!
Once scheduled, you can be assured that your project will start om time and will surpass all of your expectations. Our goal is utter delight for all of our clients at the completion of their project.

Donna always had great suggestions and ideas when we were trying to figure out the master bathroom and overcame some unforeseen obstacles that presented themselves along the way.”
– Alicia Brickman

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