After years of living with plain white walls and the original brick fireplace in their living room, these homeowners decided to go a little out of their comfort zone and add some color to this space  Since blue is a theme throughout the house, they decided to do a deeper blue/gray accent wall and a lighter coordinating blue/gray on the other three walls. They knew the red brick would not blend in with the new colors, and contacted me to give it a makeover.  We had a consult and they decided they wanted to go with gray colors for the fireplace. Since there was a lot of soot on the bricks, the fireplace got a thorough cleaning with TSP.  Stain blocking primer and several layers of stone plaster added subtle texture.  Tinted gray glazes gave the bricks color and added texture to this fireplace. A new, custom screen completed the look. The fireplace pops against the deeper blue/gray accent wall, BM Oxford Gray 2128-40. The homeowners have received many compliments on their newly decorated space, and they love it!


As you can see from this “before” photo, the outdated bricks are dingy and dated.


The updated colors are much softer and gave new life to this space.