Modello stencils are amazing stencils that are very similar to traditional stencils in that they both involve patterns or motifs that are cut out and removed, allowing paint or some other medium to be applied through the cut away areas to create a decorative design.   However, stencils that are cut from a rigid plastic are meant to be for one-time use.

Because the stencils are only used once, it opens up a broad range of possibilities for both design and decorative techniques that can’t be used with traditional stencils.  Modellos can be used on a variety of surfaces with many different mediums such as metallic paints, foils, plasters, wood stains, waxes, glazes and more.  The design above is from

All Modello stencil patterns can be custom-sized; for example, the same design like the stencil above taken from my portfolio could be 7″ and used on a small piece of furniture or 70″ for a large ceiling.  The materials used in the sample are two different shades of metallic blue foil against a copper leaf background.  The copper was then lightly sprayed with a patina aging solution then toned down with a coat of stain to soften the finish.  This design would look great in a bar area or behind a stove on a back splash or on its own and framed for a unique piece of artwork!

From the time it is cut until the time it is applied the cut pattern is sandwiched between two protective layers (Release Paper and Transfer Tape). This allows very intricate designs with intertwining elements such as intricate scrolls, continuous lines, large-scale patterns, and more, to be created while maintaining the continuity of the pattern.  Because the stencil remains securely in place, multiple layers of colors, products and textures can be used within the design.

How about decorating a kitchen hood?  This design from shows just how beautiful and dramatic it can look.  Another great idea is to frame out a mirror or picture with a border stencil in either a metallic foil or paint.  Modello stencils give you the freedom to do some amazing, space-changing up-dates in your home in an affordable way!  For more on Modello stencils, visit