Accent walls are the perfect way to create a dramatic impact in a room especially when using a decorative plaster product.  Why have an accent wall?  It can add color and interest to a room or be the backdrop for displaying artwork or furniture. If you have a room that needs a focal point, using an accent wall can help create one.  Accent walls can also emphasize the interesting shape or spaciousness of a room. Through the use of pattern or texture, an accent wall can bring a design the punch it needs.  You can choose to paint an accent wall a slightly different shade than your other walls. For example, three walls in a room could be painted beige and one wall painted mocha brown. The main idea is that an accent wall contrasts with other walls in the room.

Bedrooms are the perfect place to do an accent wall with a pattern.  Many people shy away from patterns because they think they are too busy or will make the room look too small.   The bedroom accent wall pictured here (click the link below to see) features a fairly busy pattern, but it really brings a different design element to the room.

click here to see bedroom

The accent wall in this den was done in a pale blue venetian plaster and then “washed” with a tobacco pigment to bring out the texture.  It adds just the right touch without overpowering the space.