This beautiful antique sideboard was in need of a little tender loving care.  The wood veneer on the bottom corners had chipped off in areas and needed to be repaired before I could start painting.  I used Elmer’s Carpenter Wood Filler to fill in the chipped areas, then sanded everything down to make them blend in with the rest of the piece.  The homeowner chose a light grey color that I custom mixed with 50% Old White and 50% Paris Grey.  Paris Grey on it’s own has a bit of a blue undertone.  Adding Old White toned it down and created a much softer gray and made it look less blue.  The trim was painted with Old White which highlights the architectural details, and is a nice contrast to the main color. The sideboard then got a coat of clear wax.  Dark wax was added over that to give it the antiqued look the homeowner was looking for.  She also decided to keep the original hardware which goes perfectly with the style of the piece.   The sideboard turned out beautifully, and the homeowner is very happy!




Antiqued Chalk Painted Sideboard