The damask pattern has been around for years leading some to believe that it is too formal, stuffy and old-fashioned. Many would never consider putting a damask pattern on a wall for these very reasons. However, damask patterns are still used to create and complete living areas that require a touch of tradition and sophistication. A damask pattern gives you the opportunity to make wall designs that are intricate, delicate and extremely beautiful, providing an extra amount of class and elegance to any room. When paired with different styles of furniture, this bold pattern can take on a completely new look making an average looking room either more contemporary or traditional.

Particularly popular is the black and white damask.

Black and White Damask - Classic Fauxs and Finishes



For those of you who consider damask patterns too bold and dark for your taste, choosing lighter shades in a solid color could be the solution. This will balance out the design elements and make your room come alive with elegance.