Masala Art Indian Restaurant, Needham, MA Update

I was recently commissioned to do two wall finishes at Masala Art, an Indian restaurant in Needham. Initially, I was called in to look at one of the walls that had gotten damaged when a sprinkler on the third floor of the building overhead unexpectedly went off. Since that wall needed to be done over, […]    Read More

Glitzy Metallic Wall Finishes

A few months ago, I went to the International Decorative Artisan's League annual convention in Forth Worth, Texas. I signed up for a class with Cynthia Davis owner of Wallovers, Inc., an online stencil company that has over 55 allover designs.    Read More

Chalk Painted TV Armoire

This television cabinet had been painted and stenciled years ago by the home owner. After repainting the room and getting new furniture, she wanted to change the color of the cabinet and make it look more aged. We decided to first paint the entire piece in Country Grey because we were planning on sanding and […]    Read More