Silver Leaf Accent Table

I recently completed several projects for a client in Topsfield who wanted to lighten up his home and go with a more contemporary style. This is a definite a case where small changes made a big difference.    Read More

Glitzy Metallic Wall Finishes

A few months ago, I went to the International Decorative Artisan's League annual convention in Forth Worth, Texas. I signed up for a class with Cynthia Davis owner of Wallovers, Inc., an online stencil company that has over 55 allover designs.    Read More

Metallic Multi-Colored Accent Wall

Acton, MA – This metallic multi-colored accent wall was done in a beautiful living room.  Accent walls are a great way to add a unique decorative finish to a space without breaking the budget.  The homeowner decided to paint the other three walls in the living room with a coordinating color bringing the warmth and […]    Read More