Masala Art Indian Restaurant, Needham, MA Update

I was recently commissioned to do two wall finishes at Masala Art, an Indian restaurant in Needham. Initially, I was called in to look at one of the walls that had gotten damaged when a sprinkler on the third floor of the building overhead unexpectedly went off. Since that wall needed to be done over, […]    Read More

Old World Textured Plaster Finish

I recently had the opportunity to do an old world, textured plaster finish in a gorgeous, new construction home in Winchester.  This stunning mahogany library needed something special; plain paint just wasn’t going to do.  I was commissioned by the builder (whose home I had previously done work in) to do a faux finish that […]    Read More

Brick Fireplace Makeover

Brick Fireplace Makeover – This fireplace desperately needed a makeover.  The floor to ceiling fireplace was dark, dingy and dated.  The homeowners wanted to change the color of the bricks so that they looked like a natural stone.  Plain paint wasn’t going to achieve this look.  We chose a neutral, grey/beige color palette that complimented […]    Read More