Silver Leaf Accent Table

I recently completed several projects for a client in Topsfield who wanted to lighten up his home and go with a more contemporary style. The main walls, previously warm and darker are now pale gray. While he can’t update everything like the large square foot wall-to-wall carpeting in the office, there are small changes he could make. He contacted me to help update this dark accent table.

As you can see in the before photo of the accent table, it had a dark stain on the wood. The interior decorator he consulted suggested doing a “flaky, silvery finish” on the table to change its appearance. My solution…applying aluminum Schabin leaf all over the entire piece. It’s a metallic leaf that is broken up into smaller pieces and applied over a sticky sizing medium then burnished with a soft pad. The result is a stunning, very shiny and fun piece that is completely different from the original table. I love it, and so does he!